Precautions For Reducing Alopecia Problem

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BaldnessAlopecia states the baldness problem in the scalp. It is a common curse to the people. Young people feel very embarrassing with bald head. Besides, young girl has to face various problems with bald problems. The hair decrement can be seen for various reasons. But if we maintain or follow some instructions or precautions, we can decrease the feasibility of hair loss. It is not a big task. If we want, we can retain our shiny hair for long time.

Taking proper foods: It is very necessary to keep fit our body. As hair is the part of human body, it needs proper nutrients as like as other limbs of the body. People can make a list of the daily food. In this case, they should choose the foods which are full of vitamin and other nutrients. When the scalp will not find proper nutrients, the blood circulation will not be circulated through the scalp. It can cause various problems in the head. As a result, the root of the hair will not find enough nutrients and the hair fall starts. Besides, lack of proper nutrients is liable for decreasing the shiny mood of the hair. It can break the hair too.

Massage with oil: People don’t want to use oil in the hair. We can use hair before taking bath or before sleeping. It will be very good for the hair. Different types of oils are found in the market as like as coconut oil or olive oil. These oils are very efficient for the hair growth and the shiny hair. You can massage your hair daily with olive oil or coconut oil for half an hour. This massage can decrease the hair fall and it can protect a person from Alopecia.

Wash hair after using gel or chemical products: Most of the people don’t wash their hair with conditioner or shampoo after using chemical gel or stylist cream. As the products are used to keep the specific style stationary, various polluted things can grab the hair easily. So, it is must to clean the hair after using different stylist creams.

Avoid back brush: To provide a smart look to the face, people are habituated to using back brush in their hair. This back brush can damage the hair permanently. The back brush of hair can break the hair permanently. So, it is better to avoid the back brush to reduce the hair decrement.

Limited use of chemical products: Limited use of chemical products can save the hair for long time. The people who are used to using chemical products including hair gel, should avoid using hair gel.

Protect scalp from the ultra violet rays: Ultra violet ray is very harmful for the human body. To protect the scalp from the harmful ultra violet rays, people should use some alternative things as like as cap or hat. But it should be kept in mind that using cap for long time is corrosive for the scalp.

Reasons of Alopecia

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alopeciaAlopecia is very common curse now. People have to be concentrated about this embarrassing matter. Hair decrement can be caused for various reasons. It can be happened genetically, it can be happened for the lack of nutrients or it can be happened for the excessive use of chemical and hair gel. Now we are going to describe the reasons of hair loss or alopecia.

Genetics problem: It is seen that some people care their hair regularly. But they also face baldness in their head. They find the problems from their ancestors. In this case, there is nothing to do. They should take care of their hairs as far as possible. Otherwise, they can take treatment by consulting with a specialist or doctor. Besides, there are plenty of cosmetic surgeries in the world for removing baldness problem.

Lack of nutrients: As it is an embarrassing issue in human’s life. So, people have to be sincere about this problem. This hair decrement can be caused for the lack of nutrients including vitamin and protein. Most of the people are not aware of their necessary nutrients. They are not taking enough foods. As a result, people can suffer from baldness problem in their life. So, after consulting with a doctor people need to identify the reason of baldness problem.

Using chemical products and hair gel: Sometimes, people use various chemical products including hair cream and gel in their hairs to enhance the smart look of their hairs. These chemical products can cause hair loss and it can cause baldness problem too. Sometimes, using excessive gel in hair can decrease the shiny mood of hair.

Using cap can cause hair loss: Sportsman has to use cap to protect the head from the ultra violet ray of sun. Besides, players need to use various helmets to protect their head from the injury. The batsman in cricket game has to use helmet for saving their head from the uncertain injuries during game and they often need to use this helmet for whole day. That’s why the hair doesn’t find enough oxygen from the air. Besides, the sweat can hamper hair and it can cause baldness problem permanently.

Lack of proper care: Most of the people in the world don’t take care of their hair. They don’t use shampoo in their hair regularly. Hair is very sensitive part of the human body. It is needed to nurse the hair. The hair loss can be happened for the lacking of proper care and treatment. After using chemical products including gel and oil people need to wash the hair properly. Otherwise, the hair can be damaged and the shine of the hair can be decreased.

Polluted environment: In twenty first century most of the countries are polluted. Besides, plenty of dirty things flow with the air. These polluted things can be attached with hair and these polluted things are very harmful for the hair. So, the people of the polluted area should be conscious of this matter.

After all, a disciplined life can decrease the hair loss.

A-Z About Alopecia

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alopeciaAlopecia areata or spot baldness is a type of autoimmune disease which results in loss of hair from the scalp or all areas of the body. This is caused by when the immune system mistakenly starts attacking the hair follicles for some foreign invaders like the bacteria and viruses. This halts the process of hair re-growth and leaves behind a trail of bald spots of round hairless patches. In some of the extreme cases, the condition can spread over to entire scalp or the entire body. Conditions similar to alopecia in human also occur in many other animal species.

Signs and Symptoms of Alopecia Areata

The general symptoms of Alopecia areata starts with tiny bald patches where the skin underneath appears normal is unscarred. The hairless patches can take any kinds of shapes but are mainly oval or round in shape. Alopecia mostly targets scalp and the beard but can also progress to other hair bearing parts of the body. This makes various skin patches prone to re-growth and hair loss at the same time. This disease can be found in anyone, be it an adult or a child ad maybe of temporary or permanent in nature. Some of the common signs and symptoms of Alopecia areata are as follows:

  • In some person, the hair loss might be painful or tingly.
  • The hair fall happens over a short period of time, where the hair loss is more prominent on one half of the scalp than the other.
  • Exclamation point hair or longer hair strands that becomes weak and breaks midways or closer to the scalp, are also common during the Alopecia areata.
  • During Alopecia areata, when hair is pulled out of the scalp, it tends to come out more easily from the edge of the patch when compared to the pulling out of healthy hair. This is because the hair follicles are prone to the attacks of the immune system which makes them weak.
  • Nails show a rough exterior, an appearance similar to sandpaper.

So, if you any of these symptoms, make sure to consult an expert as soon as possible. However, Alopecia areata is mostly diagnosed based on clinical attributes.

Causes and Treatments of Alopecia Areata

Since this hair loss disease is caused because of the immune system’s attacks, it is not contagious. People who have Alopecia areata in their family history are more prone to get this hair loss disease, as per various exhaustive studies. Also, people who have relative suffering from any kind of auto-immune diseases are likely to get the hair loss disease. Some researches also indicate that Alopecia areata might affect grey or white hair.

There is no definite cure for this hair fall disease and thus only treatments are a lone way to combat this condition. In cases of extreme hair loss, there have not been any miraculous success stories of the Alopecia areata treatments. Experts generally make use of steroid injections in the hairless patches apart from some chemical based creams.